Cent jaroj da soleco (Romantraduko al Esperanto) (Esperanto Edition)

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Eldonita je 2-a de majo 2015 de Mondial.

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It´s the best work of García Márquez. A novel that narrates the vicisitudes of Aureliano Buendía in the mythic Macondo, a town in some unknown region of Colombia. This novel was written in the magic realism ("realismo mágico") by García Márquez, a style that mix together amazing elements taken by fiction and realkity.

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I have had One Hundred Years Of Solitude on my kindle for nearly a year now, since I enjoyed losing myself in my first Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, Love In The Time Of Cholera. One Hundred Years is equally as immersive a novel which tells the story of a remote South American village from its inception to its happy years, on through a nationwide civil war, to its near destruction by greedy white industralists, and through years of constant monsoon-like deluge. I love the huge scale of the story, especially as it is contained within a single small village and, a lot of the time, in one large house.

The extended Buendia family are the central pivot and their matriarch, Ursula, is a great character. She sees several generations live and die, stay near or travel away, and all named for the generation before which leads to incredible potential confusion …