The Game (Dodo Press)

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The Game (Dodo Press) (Paperback, 2007, Dodo Press)

Poŝlibro, 48 paĝoj

Lingvo: English

Eldonita je 24-a de aŭgusto 2007 de Dodo Press.

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"On the eve of their wedding, twenty-year-old Jack Fleming arranges a secret ringside seat for his sweetheart to view her only rival: the "game." Through Genevieve's apprehensive eyes, we watch the prizefight that pits her fair young lover, "the Pride of West Oakland," against the savage and brutish John Ponta and that reveals as much about her own nature, and Joe's, as it does about the force that drives the two men in their violent, fateful encounter."--BOOK JACKET.

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Blatant racism throughout

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The Game is a short story in two halves, the first of which shows us a young couple on the day before their wedding, picking out carpets for their new home together, and the second half describes a boxing match in pretty vicious detail. The story itself is only about 40 pages, but padded out in the edition I read with lots of line drawn illustrations so the whole book is double the length it needs to be. I don't mind illustrated works, but this felt overdone. London doesn't help the sense of the book being strung out with his frequently repetitive prose either!

I remember being impressed with London's writing about a decade ago when I went through a phase of listening to lots of his short stories. The Game wasn't one of them then which was why I picked it up now, but I'm wondering if my reading …


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