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Lilith's brood (2000, Aspect/Warner Books) 4 steloj

Wraps its tentacle around your neck

4 steloj

I read through it much faster than I expected. It really gripped me and I kept on reading page after page.

I'm torn between recognizing the Human Contradiction as being so painfully true and on the other hand also sympathizing with the Resisters. Argh, what to do, what to choose!

If you're looking for a truly alien concept this is your book. It takes mastery to mesh the alien with the human and weave a coherent and relatable story.

Busy Doing Nothing (EBook) 5 steloj

We are artist and sailors, and have been living, and working from our sailboat since …

Felt really true

4 steloj

Initially it seems like a plain captain's log. Through the repetition of each day's routine and how these days might look similar but end up being single stories themselves, a journey's description emerges from all those details. It's as true as it gets and I really appreciated that, it humbled me to read about these peoples' lives.

Diaspora (2008, Gollancz) 4 steloj

It is the end of the thirtieth century and humanity has divided into three. The …

SciFi can't get harder than this

Neniu takso

I've seen it described as "diamond-hard SciFi", it might even be an understatement. It starts off being confusingly abstract. After ~15% it gets more coherent, slightly more corporeal, though never entirely so.

Even through its abstract and detached universe, it revolves around modern issues of reality, subjectivity of perception and even memetic reality bubbles.

There's a lot to get from this, provided you can keep your mind clear enough to absorb the weirdness of it all.