Huntington, West Virginia "on the fly"

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Eldonita je 21-a de novembro 2011 de Villard Trade Paperbacks.

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Posthumously-published short narratives about characters encountered by Pekar on his way to West Virginia.

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Late Pekar Work

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This book was fine as late era Pekar work goes. It would be above average for most people but it feels relatively slight here.

Harvey is a minor presence as he largely tells the story of people he knows. The problem is that I didn't care that much about them nor find them that interesting. The very last story was my favorite, the title story. That was Harvey centric which made it better to me.

The Summer McClinton art was generally good if inconsistent. Some pages were straight up beautiful while others looked rushed. I have The Beats but have not yet read it. She has art in that book that I want to see now.

Overall this book is worth reading for any Pekar fan, just don't expect a masterpiece.


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  • Huntington (W. Va.)