Men Who Hate Women

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Lingvo: English

Eldonita je 21-a de februaro 2020 de Simon & Schuster, Limited.


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Review of 'Men Who Hate Women' on 'Goodreads'

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This book is a real eye-opener to the way the internet has allowed misogyny to spread and become normalised whilst still remaining under the mainstream radar. I highly recommend reading it, especially to those responsible for teenage boys so that they can be more aware of the kinds of influence people are being regularly exposed to on the internet. It’s very impressive the lengths Laura Bates has gone through to research this book and the risk she takes of retaliations in order to get this message out. I was particularly impressed while reading that she braved going to an MRA meetup that had used an image of her as an enemy in the advertising. The book takes a fair amount of thick skin to get through, inducing horror at the detailed descriptions of terrorist attacks and infuriation at the idiotic and abhorrent ideas coming from the manosphere. I was relieved …