Teach Yourself Esperanto

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Lingvo: English

Eldonita je 31-a de decembro 1986 de Hodder and Stoughton.

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This comprehensive course will enable you to reach a good standard of fluency in the international language Esperanto.

Esperanto has a straightforward grammar and a completely regular, phonetic system of spelling and pronunciation, making it much easier to learn than any national language. This carefully structured course will help you to master the essentials of Esperanto quickly and to achieve basic fluency in the written and spoken language now used by eight million Esperantists worldwide.

Every aspect of the language is clearly presented and explained, with numerous examples. Reading passages and dialogues reinforce your understanding of how the language works, while also helping you to build up an extensive vocabulary. Exercises, with answers, enable you to check your progress throughout the course, and the two-way vocabulary lists provide a mini-dictionary which is ideal for the beginner. An index is also included, for easy reference.

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